Maraly Bambridge

35 Birch Drive

Brantham, Manningtree


CO11 1TG




                                              AIMS  OF  ENGALYNX



1)To bring practical aid to vulnerable children and widows in Rwanda.


2)To raise awareness of the plight of orphaned children in Rwanda.


3)To continue providing Goats for child-headed families.


4) To undertake training to give orphans/vulnerable children and women the ability to earn.


5) To discuss with the local people/officials what they really need and how Engalynx can help.      


                                              HOW YOU CAN HELP                                                  


1)  Hold a fund-raising event.


2)  Regular givng -  £1.00 a week makes a big difference.


3)  Save the coppers in your change for an orphan.


4)  Buy Rwandan goods  – they make very good gifts.


5)  Collect Foreign Currency, Coins or notes.  These can be sold on for the funds.


6)  Stuck for a Gift?  Buy a goat – Gift Token can be purchased for £20.00.  


7) Become a Supporter of Engalynx and help the ongoing work of these worthwhile projects.


I am always available to speak at any meetings to give much more information about Rwanda and the work being done there.



Contact: Maralyn Bambridge, 35 Birch Drive, Brantham, Suffolk, CO11 1TG.  

Tel: 01206 393022     e-mail: maralyn.bambridge@yahoo.com