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This maternity unit was completed in September 2014.  The local people are delighted with this beautiful centre which should save many lives, both of mothers and babies.  They are also offering pre and post natal services, birth control and HIV advice.

This unit is the first stage of a Complete Health Centre, which needs another £400,000.00


In January 2016 Engalynx was asked by theExecutive Secretary of Rwamagana District to provide training for some of the poorest women in the Eastern Region.  They lived in the the Munyiginya Sector which borders the Mwurire Sector, where we have built the Maternity Unit.


The training began in August finishing in March 2017.  30 students enrolled and 29 completed the training.  Engalynx provided the trainer, sewing machines, materials, premises etc.  


The women have now formed a co-operative which has been approved by the Government and are now exhibitiong and selling their goods.


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